Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Joel's Wedding

S0 it has really been a while but here are the pics from my brother Joel's wedding. He got married in the LDS temple in Salt Lake City, UT on June 23rd. We drove out there with our little family and my littlest sister Carinna who had stayed with us for a whole month after Caelyn was born. Hopefully she still loves us. Above is what we did to Joel and Teresa's car. You know those yummy brownie bites you can get at Costco....well that is what we did to some of the left overs from the reception. I thought it was pretty clever myself.
Here are Joel and Teresa. She is super sweet and really tall. Joel is abou 6'3'' and Teresa is 6' so they make a good couple.

Here we are trying to get family photos with all of us dressed pretty and

coordinating and much for that though. Charly and Carter mostly just wanted to run around in the grass. Charly was definitely showing us her attitude...check out those hands on the hips.

Of course Caelyn was absolutely perfect! What else could you expect from a one month old.

All of the girls together...and Charly still doesn't want to be there!

All of the boys...just one brother missing because he is serving as a missionary in Boise, ID.