Monday, October 5, 2009

Oh, Carter!

After a few adventures that we've had, it has been suggested to me that when I really feel flustered about something that my kids have done I should just take a picture and write about it. Doing this takes the focus off of the kids and lets me get it out with out hurting anyone. So here you go. The above picture is the sight of this mornings crime scene.
So for anyone that doesn't know already... Carter has become our "little devil." And I say that in the most loving way, of course. But this kid is giving me gray hairs already and I am too young to be getting gray hairs!!! There is a simple solution to my problems, and that is to lock him up while I am in the shower. Here is why....
Last week, while I was in the shower he dug a dirty diaper out of the trash and spread it all over himself and the hallway outside my room. When I opened the door, there was his smiling face telling me, "It's yucky mama!" I gave him a bath and then had to change Caelyn's diaper and give her a bath because she had a nasty blow out. By the time I was done with her, Carter had already been in my bathroom spreading lotion all over the place and when I get down to clean it all up I see that he had also opened all of the individual contacts that my husband has and had drunk them ALL....$50 worth.
And then TODAY....While I was in the shower, Caelyn was asleep in her crib. (I thought I was doing well to be getting my shower in while the baby was still asleep.) When I got out I listened, fulling expecting that she would be awake by now but I heard nothing but silence. Now any mother knows that no sound is not a good sound at all. So I quickly went to the baby's room where I found Carter standing above her, dumping and entire bottle of baby soap on her face. She is not screaming because she can't scream. Her eyes, nose, mouth and ears were covered with soap about a quarter of an inch thick. I go into panic mode because she can't breath. I run her face under the water in the bath tub and finally get her to scream but she still has trouble. She was screaming and then she would stop, gag, and go a little limp and then gag some more and scream again. By this time I am on the phone calling the dr., my mom, and my friends to take the other 2 kids and then poison control. I swear if I had not been so worried about Caelyn, Carter would have gotten the beating of his life.
NOT TO WORRY!! Caelyn ended up being fine. She spit up bubbles for a few hours and she hated it as I ran water over her eyes for 20 minutes but she didn't breath any in. I just have to thank Lindsay and Courtney and anyone in Child Watch that helped for taking care of Charly and Cater while I calmed down and took care of Caelyn. I also thank my Heavenly Father that made me realize that I needed to check out why things were so quiet. I can't imagine what could have happened had I waited only a few more minutes. Blessings all around despite all that went wrong.

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