Monday, August 30, 2010

The Summer

I have totally missed keeping up with the blog. Here are some highlights from the summer! A great time in Utah with Family!!!

My grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. We had lots of partying and lots of eating huge meals with 75 people crammed into one house.

Balloon Festival in Indianola...where I lost my phone but someone called me with it two weeks later. Honest people do exist!!!

Fourth of July at Big Creek.

Eating Watermelon at Great Grandma's.

Playing with Cousins!

Lots of swimming!!!!

Hanging out on Grandpa's Boat.

Trips to the Winter Quarters Temple and the Omaha Zoo.

Playing at on the beach for Memorial Day.

Driving by the house just about everyday to check on the progress. Rain slowed it down alot but things are moving along quickly now. Hopefully OCT 1st!

Lots of Fishing with the kids. Charly cast this and caught it all on her own!

Caelyn Getting BIG...turning 1, walking, talking, growing teeth.

1st Days of School

Charly and her buddy Parker from church who is also in her class.
All of the kids getting ready to drop Charly off.

Charly in front of our new house...someday!

My baby girl is off to kindergarten. Nobody could have prepared me for what this feels like. Dropping that little one off all day for others to watch over and trust that they will take care of her and teach her. Charly seems to have grown too fast....literally. She grew 4 inches this summer! And now she is off to school. It didn't really hit me that she was gone until I walked in to work with only two children and signed only two children into the child watch with me.

I really have felt, ever since she was born, that Charly and I must have been best buds in the premortal existance. I imagine us playing around together in heaven and playing house and deciding that it would be cool if we could go down to earth and I could pretend to be the mom and she could be the sister. She has never really felt like my daughter but like my best bud that would go anywhere and do just about anything with me. Now she is on her first adventure with out me. She will do awesome! Good luck Charly!!!