Sunday, June 10, 2012

Living room

Anyone that has been in our house knows that the main level has a really open floor plan so I was hoping to use my painting to help distinguish a difference between the two rooms. I'm pretty sure that it is mission accomplished. Although Charly keeps telling me that the two colors don't match, I think it looks great! You can see the edge on the right of the pciture. It's more green than the picture really shows. I'd take a picture of the rest of the room but the kids broke the big mirror on the opposite wall from this the other day so it looks incomplete. My painting for now is done. I haven't decided for the master bed and bath, the nursery and main bath.


Carter started T-ball this last week. We missed his first practice because I have an awesome memory but it' wasn't a big deal. He caught on really quick and had a absolute blast! I was so excited just to see the huge smile he had on his face the whole time. All of the kids are 4 or 5 and it is co-ed. Each of the kids gets a chance up at bat every time and they just get to run to the next base everytime their teammate hits. When the last person comes up they pretend that they hit a homerun and they all just run through to home. Carter was real happy to hit the ball but when he would he'd just look at hit and took so coaxing to run to 1st. They also rotate positions in the in field everytime so he got to do a little catching the ball at short stop and throwing the ball back to the "pitcher" (since there really isn't a pitcher just a guy that stands in that position) from first. I snapped as many pictures as I could a did a couple videos so Jason could see since he was out of town. Carter had also insisted that we all hold signs up for him and the girls liked that part too.
I'm pretty sure that there were moms around me that were annoyed with all of our cheering but I really didn't care. I clapped and cheered for their kids too. Nothing wrong with a little enthusiasm. Midgame he really had to use the restroom and I him dancing in the infield but it doesn't seem to want to download right now so maybe later.

Monday, June 4, 2012

When the Cat's Away....

The mice will play.....(insert evil laugh) hehehehe!!!
Every year for the last few years the guys (Jason, his dad, brothers, brothers in law and sometimes uncles) have taken a few days every summer to head up to Minnesota to fish. In past years all of us girls left behind have gotten together to go horseback riding but this year it rained and we had little girls that couldn't go so we didn't do that. I will sheepishly admit that I always feel kind of jipped. Where's my kid free week every year? But this year Carter go to go and it was so amazingly quiet and easy with just the three girls that them being gone actually was a break for me. We ended up doing all kinds of things. And it did make it a little bit sweeter that Jason came home from work early on Tuesday and told me to get dressed because we were going on a date. Suprize date ended up being whacking some balls at the range (which I probably haven't done in years) and some great Chinese food at a local place. My wonderful sis in law Jenny was great to pop in at the last minute to babysit.

On Wednesday we went around running errands. I did a search for free stuff on Craigslist and was just a little too slow on getting a free piano and free unused matresses. Kind of a bummer but if anyone would like to get rid of a piano or matress let me know :). So instead of going to pick those things up we went to Home Depot to get paint, then to the salon to get haircuts from the lovely Lindsay Sprague, then to the YMCA pool to wash things off and finally finished it of with some McDonald's for dinner.
That night I painted Charly and Caelyn's room. We moved Caelyn's bed to Carissa's room and Charly slept in my bed and I got this done while they were sleeping.

Thursday, my mother in law came over and we made a trip to Costco, followed by a pizza lunch at Costco, and then we headed out to the Science Center for the kids to play. We were at the Science Center for a few hours and the girls had a blast. We started out our trip with a frantic search for my bag that I had ended up leaving by the car instead of puting it in the stroller. Luckily it had gone untouched. For dinner that night we met up with my sisters in law, Becca and Jenny, at Red Robin and then went to our house to watch War Horse. If you haven't seen it, it is a great war movie just very long. don't start it at a late hour. When the ladies all left my house I went back upstairs and painted Carter's room. It was a late night.
On Friday, I worked and took some time to work out at the Waukee YMCA. When we came home we all had a nap. Mom needed it after all of her painting. When we got up we headed to the salon again because they were having a 10th anniversary celebration. We had a good time running into old friends and we also got a great hook up of free samples of hair products and cookies. Subway was right next door so that's where we went for dinner. Friday night the painting continued but with a smaller room..the half bath downstairs.

Saturday started a little too early as I tried to get all of  us dressed and ready to go to the Y early in the morning so I could teach Tiny Tumblers and Movin' with Music. I was a little late but am so glad that was the last Saturday that I will have to be there so early. Hopefully I will be able to use my Saturdays to work out now. After working we ate lunch and went swimming again. We had a relaxing night and all 4 of us ended up falling asleep in the living room while watching a movie. I woke up at around 9:30 and put each one of the girls in their beds then went to work again. This time I really needed to do some clean up (laundry, dishes, vaccuming) and when that was done I went straight on to painting again. This time it was the kitchen.
I again went to bed late but slept like a rock. We had to be at church by 9 and we were just a tiny bit late. We only came in just as the opening song was starting. It was fast and testimony meeting and I don't know why but I really felt like I should get up but of course I was alone so ended up taking the baby up there with me. I realized that I probably could have handed her off to someone real quick and that would have been better. It's too bad that Jason wasn't there tough.

All in all it was a pretty busy week and this next week will likely be just as good since Jason is going to be leaving yet again. Good times!