Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Gma Bell!

We aren't very good at sending cards but I figured a cute video of the only grandson singing to Grandma would be even better. So Happy 29th birthday AGAIN Grandma on 09/09/09 (this is a lucky day, you really should go buy some lottery tickets)....You are too young to be a grandma !!!

Sleepy Carter

Yesterday was a long day as it often times is and Carter did not want to take his usual afternoon nap. Dinner time was at about six and this is what he started doing. Jason and I were both laughing so hard but we had to feel sorry for him because he was so tired.

Caelyn has found her voice

Caelyn has started really using her baby chatter. And it is so cute and squeaky that I had to take a video of it. She definitely has a high pitched squeal that she likes to use to make sure that we all know she is still here.

My Baby is Starting Preschool!


Today was Charly's first day of preschool. She was totally showing off her back pack to everyone. Carter had to get his cute cheezy face into the pictures. Charly is going to have a blast in class with her friends. She went right in the door and gave her teacher the biggest hug and didn't even look back. She is getting too big too fast. When I picked her up the teachers said she was the biggest help.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Family Reunion

Here are the pictures from our family reunion. In case you haven't noticed I am kind of updating everything a little at a time. I am so busy right now with work and kids that I just do what I can whenever I can. We had a blast at with the Thrap family in the beginning of August. The weather was perfect the whole time we were there. At the reunion was Great Grandma Thrap, her three children with their spouses, the 18 grandchildren with 4 of their spouses, and 9 1/2 great grandchildren (My sister-in-law Laura is due any day now). It all took place at a camp called Aspen Grove, put on by the BYU Alumni Association. The camp councilors are all BYU students. They split the kids up by age groups including the tiny ones and the councilors do things with them all day while the adults spend the day together going to family seminars and just playing around or relaxing together. My sister and law, Becca and I got up every morning and swam laps. It was the prettiest setting I have ever swam in, way up in the mountains, but the altitude made it real hard to breathe. One afternoon of the camp was dedicated to a little friendly competition. Each family competed in different events. We got scored according to how well we did each task and according to how good our cheer was. Our cheer was the best! If you know the "That's Not My Name" song then you can kind of hear what it sounded like but it went like this..."They call us Longhurst. They call us Richardson. That's not our name. That's not our name. From coast to coast, we win the most. Don't give us crap. Our name is Thrap and that's our...Name!" At the end of the week they announced the winner and of course we won!

I thought all of these pictures were adorable. Charly and her cousin Elena were inseparable the entire time. They were born only 2 months apart and they are absolute divas together.

Caelyn was a perfect baby. It was really hard for me to drop her off with the camp councilors some days but I made myself do it because that opportunity to be with my hubby doesn't happen very often. She did really good though and everyone there loved how we could find a family reunion onesie for her and that she even had a bow to match....Yes, I'm obsessed with the bows...But can you blame me...How cute is it!?!

Carter had a blast the whole time probably because he could just run non-stop. He really liked crashing the badminton courts. His councilors absolutely adored him. Who couldn't fall in love with that great smile?