Thursday, April 23, 2009

Two Down!!!



After last night I now have project number 2 done too. The girl room is now painted. I know that the brown is kind of boring but we are trying to get ready to sell and the colors of the bedrooms were really bold so in preparation for selling we are toning it down. Plus we didn't think that Carter would like a pink room.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One project down...

I have several projects that I feel like I have to get done before this baby comes. The first one is finally done. I finished Carter's bedspread and who now is making the transition from the crib to the the big boy bed. Jason is out of town for the week so Charly is now sleeping with me at night so that I can get the girl room painted a little at a time. I was pretty proud of Carter's blanket. The jeans in it are just mine and Jason's old jeans so I think it is pretty special.

I did the same thing for Charly when she moved up to the big bed but it was one of my first quilting experiences and is now falling apart so I am working on a new one for her too and also a blanket for baby Caelyn. I'm posting some pictures of those blankets in progress.

Also there is a before and after picture of what used to be Charly's room and is now Carter's.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Car for Sale!!!

We are adding baby # 3 in a month and a half (maybe less) and we need to exchange our vehicle for a mini van. So if you know anyone that wants a great, well taken care of luxury car please send them our way. We are selling for 7400. It is an Acura 3.5RL with 106K miles, leather seats, sunroof, ect. It is a good deal!

Amazing Tuesday

I mentioned earlier that I had a lot of catching up to do and it took it's toll last Tuesday. As any mother can attest, pregnancy really does a number on your brain. My family may argue that it basically takes mine out. I don't remember anything and I frequently do things that don't make sense. All of this is a precursor to my day one week ago. I actually had a very successful morning with getting the kids fed dressed and out the door with minimal arguments. We had just gotten back from a refreshing vacation and I was feeling good. So at about 8:30 I got both children out into the garage but when I went to open the door it was locked. I looked through my purse for the keys and they weren't there. Then I saw them, laughing at me from inside the car. Anyone who knows me knows that this would not be the first time those keys have played this trick on me. I found myself crying on the window with the children staring and wondering what could possibly be wrong with Mommy. I started making phone calls. Jason had not solution and was busy himself, the police department came over and had no luck with the slim jim, so I called a friend. Matt Sprague has had experience getting cars open so he was over and after an hour and half finally got the door open. Not 2 minutes later his wife Lindsay shows up and she suggests that we call just load up in her van and head to the mall of luch. (It was lunch time by then.) I agreed and so I shut my garage door and went through the house and walked locked the door and walked out to the van. As I headed to the van, Matt jokingly hollers at me, "You have your house key right?" OH MY GOODNESS....ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! No I don't. I was then locked out of my house. That luckily is something Jason could help me with. All I had to do was make a stop by his office and grab the garage door opener from his car to get in. But still, how brain dead can you be?


We had some excitement yesterday as when the kids woke up. I have a video of Charly's reaction to finding that the Easter Bunny left her some eggs. And pictures of my adorable children with their baskets.

We couldn't forget the real reason for the holiday though. We took our sugar loaded children to church and enjoyed hearing the messages of Christ that were given there. I got a great reminder that Easter Sunday is no different than any other day. Every week at church we celebrate the resurrection by taking the sacrament at church. Christ is Risen! and we have reason to be grateful for the opportunity that we are given every single day. Because of Him we can be forgiven of our sins everyday, we can be lifted up in our trials everyday, and because of Him we can live again with Him and our Father and our families forever. It is a miracle that I wish I had more initiative to share with more people.

Spring Break

We live by the motto "work hard, play hard" so we took a week vacation as a family to one of our timeshare locations in Oceanside, CA. But after a week out of town we are definitely playing catch up. That includes the blog. Here are some pictures from our trip. The kids loved getting to go to the pool and the beach. The temperature wasn't all that warm for swimming but when we left Iowa it was snowing so anything is better than that. The kids practically spent the whole time in their bathing suits.

The beach:

Charly and Carter had a great time burying dad in the sand. This beach is in San Diego and is popular for the tide pools and the sea lions that gather there. Jason and I came to this beach when we had a family reunion there in late 2004. I was pregnant with Charly at that time and it was really cool to now be there with our little family.

The pool:

This is where we spent most of the week. Thank heaven the pool was heated because it would have been really cold otherwise.

Sea World:

We spent an entire day at Sea World. From open at 10 AM to closing at 6pm, it was pure fun. There were all kinds of rides for the kids and several exhibits and shows with the animals. Both of the kids really loved the Shamu show. Jason got to do all the rides with the kids because they wouldn't even let the pregnant lady on the kiddy rides.