Thursday, January 15, 2009


Much to Charly's excitement, she can now officially tell everyone that she is going to get a little sister. She has been telling even strangers at the grocery store that she is going to have a little sister but now she can say with absoluteness. We have a couple of names picked out but haven't officially decided so I'll have to see if you can help us. Either way the middle name is going to be Marie but the first name is going to be either Kylie or Caelyn (but I'm not sure about the spelling for Caelyn so here's the alternatives...Kaelyn, Kailyn, Kalyn, Cailyn, ect.) I think it would be cool to keep going with the C names.
Everything looks good for the end of May still so it should be an exciting month with yet another cousin the same age as one of my own kids. I have to admit that it is a little crazy to be having a baby at the same time as a couple of my aunts, but that is what is cool about our wonderfully large family. I wouldn't want to have it any other way. I just wish I even knew all of my cousins. In the meantime, we can now prepare to move things around and get all of the baby girl stuff out again.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Here is what Christmas morning looked like at Grandma and Grandpa Thrap's house. There was one present that "Santa" stayed up til 4 am to put together a couple of nights before. It was too big to take to Grandma and Grandpa's so "he" took a picture of it so that Charly could see that it was in her room. Charly and Carter really enjoyed everything that they got: Cute outfits from Aunt Jenny, floor puzzles and next year's winter coat from Uncle Josh and Aunt Becca, a puppy and something to beat on from Grandma and Grandpa Thrap, a play house and noisy ABC magnets from Grandma and Grandpa Bell, and Santa brought books, a kitchen, a doll, a mini escalade, and a noisy story book. "Santa" made out pretty good too with a pair of diamond earings, a nice massage and food scrub, and new batteries in all of her watches. Santa's helper got travel mugs for his hot chocolate and a really nice shirt, tie, cuff links, and tie clip.

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Crazy time in Sweet Home Alabama!!!

So I have a lot to add to this blog. We had an amazing Christmas break that gave us the time away that we needed to come back ready to fight the world again. We have lots of fun memories of being in the car and going to visit different people: My parents, Jason's parents and grandparents, and Jason's buddy Billy. Here are some of our adventures from Alabama. Mostly Carter going Crazy.
Riding in the car....This video is of Carter going crazy just and hour and half before we arrived in Alabama. He did this with the stuffed cat for a very long time before he finally feel asleep.

Then when we got to Alabama Carter was all kinds of crazy. He spent quite a bit of time on my parent's lazy susan. After that he figured out that he could find other things to go crazy with . Funny how the simple things can be so amusing for so long.