Friday, August 3, 2012

Charly's Cheer Camp

Charly got to participate in a one week cheer camp this summer and really loved it. You can tell by the huge smile on her face. The camp was put on by a few of the Waukee High School Cheerleaders. Charly has never taken dance but after watching her it made me rethink puting her in a dance class or something. She's pretty good.

They were taught a few cheers as well as some jumps and this beginners lift. The smallest girls got to be the ones to stand. Sorry, Charly, though you did start out very small, you will never be one of the smaller girls. You can blame it on your mother's genes.

She got the award for the best moves.They danced to the song "So Call Me Maybe." So proud of her and happy that she had fun!

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