Friday, August 3, 2012

NMFN Annual Meeting part 3

 Probably the biggest highlight for Annual Meeting was the Maroon 5 concert. We had a such a great time. We were probably only one of a very few that had little children with us. The concert did only go from 8-9:30, there was only 1 curse word said, and since it was a private company concert nobody was going super crazy. Likely the most sober Maroon 5 concert ever. Unfortunately, I think the guy from Alabama sitting next to me might have left with the impression that we were polygamist because Jason and I were on either end with Kiera and the kids inbetween us and then I told him I graduated from Brigham Young. He didn't talk to me after that. Oh well :). This was at the end of our busy day at the museums and water park and while the kids did all get good naps before dinner, Caelyn was pretty tired at the end of the concert.
 Past concerts we've been to at Annual: Earth, Wind, and Fire, Reba McEntire, Sheryl Crow, Jerry Sienfeld. But this year was definitely the best so far!
Our pre-concert ritual is to go eat at a place called Kopps. I'm not sure if they have any restaurants outside of Milwaukee but we LOVE it. They do the big burgers, baskets of homemade fries, jugs of homemade root beer, and really tasty ice cream. Most of their seating is also outside which just adds to the experience. We highly recommend it! I'll have to take pictures next time.

Payphone is the opener (the clean version)

So funny and really came across as a class act, down to earth guy
 They looked like they were going to end the concert early without even singing "Moves like Jaeger" until we gave them about 10 minutes of cheering then they came back out with 3 more songs. In one of them Adam Levine  conducted the audience in a round using parts of their song "Beauty Queen" and teased company execs about not singing. Charly thought it was cool that we made them come back out.

Wednesday was the last day so Jason went down for the closing meeting while we cleaned up and checked out of the hotel. By the time he was done we were able to meet up and we headed to the Milwaukee Science Museum where we saw the dinosaurs, an IMAX about monkeys and elephants, and this very cool butterfly room. There were so many butterflies!!! We've been here before and there have never been so many. The girls were screaming and freaking out about the bugs flying all around them so Jason took them out but Carter, Kiera and I stayed. Carter was having the time of his life getting the butterflies to land on him.
We had an all around good time in Milwaukee. It was so busy that it just few by in a whirlwind. I'm so glad that we had Kiera there for extra hands and added fun!!! We are sad that she has flown back home to Texas because we really enjoyed having her, especially the kids.

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