Wednesday, August 22, 2012


We bought timeshares from Wyndam while we were in college and Jason was doing well in the door to door sales business. We have, in harder times since then, regretted the amount of money that goes into it. It is when we get to do things like this that we remember the big picture and why we did it in the first place. So the deal is that we have 8000 credits a year to go to any one of hundreds of resorts around the country and in different parts of the world. If we don't use them they roll over for up to 2 years.
This time we chose to go to Grand Lake, Monkey Island, Oklahoma. Look it up. It is literally the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. But the resort and the golf course that is situated on are so beautiful!!! The time on the lake also so awesome! This particular resort happens to be almost exactly half way to my parents in Dallas,TX so it was a perfect place to meet up with them and have an end of the summer fling right before school starts back up again. We really don't get to see my family much. We get together with Jason's family A LOT since most of them live here in Iowa. I, regretably, get jealous sometimes. I have missed not getting to see my siblings grow up and be there for them more. But having this timeshare thing has given us lots of opportunities to make memories with them.
The highlight for me was at the very start of our stay. We had just gotten to the resort and my parents had beat us there by about an hour. While Jason was checking us in, I got the kids out of the car to start walking them down to where the room was and my mom came out walking toward us. From behind me, (anyone that knows Caelyn knows that her little legs are sometimes slow) I hear a little girl scream, "Grandma Bell!!!" Caelyn comes streaking past me with sounds of joy and gives her grandma a big hug. My little girl knows who her grandma is! That is why we do this! I had debated going to my 10 year class reunion in Alabama that weekend too but that at the start let me know that I had made the right decision to go see my family instead.
We did horseback riding with the girls. Lots of golfing for the guys. We celebrated our 9 year anniversary and my parents 29 year anniversary. And the last day we spent on the lake with a pontoon and a jet ski. So much fun! Even in the middle of Oklahoma!


Andrea said...

Wow Elise! Looks like such a fun little getaway for your family. Umm, not going to lie, super jealous of your concert. That cracked me up about the polygamist thing. Fun pics

waukeelittles said...

sounds like the vacation was a hit for every age!

James and Jessica Ford said...

what the heck? You have 4 kids! And you haven't even aged a day. I am so jealous! I guess you get the three girls and I get the three boys. One day they may just meet up. And we will say, Thrap the Ford boys. I can't wait.