Friday, August 3, 2012

NMFN Annual Meeting part 2...

Carissa's First Oreo
Jason was busy the Monday that we were in Milwaukee. He had meetings starting at 6am and he wasn't done until midnight. The day before had been pretty busy between church and race and zoo so we just hung out at the hotel. We took our time at breakfast, swam in the pool, took good naps, and had treats. Carissa really enjoyed being allowed to eat a cookie. So cute!

Charly working in the deli
 Monday was relaxed but Tuesday was very busy. As part of Annual Meeting the family can get passes for all of the different attractions downtown. So we started the day by going downtown with Jason. We found a place to park that was kind of in the middle of everything that we wanted to do. Then, we walked to the Children's Museum which is very fun. Each year they have different themes. In previous years they've had things with golf balls and things with potato heads but this year they had a stand for each of the 50 states to represent what each state is known for. It was a blast!
Carter fishing in Minnesota

Caelyn working the construction zone

On the bridge to the Art Museum
 After the kids museum we got a snack and walked across the bridge to the art museum. For the past 4 years we've always just skipped past this one but my sister, Kiera, is a little bit of an artist so we decided to venture in. The buidling from the outside is a beautiful work of art itself and it's right on the lake so the view from inside is breathtaking as well. If you watch Transformers 3 this is the building that Patrick Dempsy has his office and cars all set up in. The movie shows an arial view and then all the cars are set up in the big lobby area. We didn't realize that until we were watching the movie back at the hotel and the kids all shouted, "Mom, that's were we went!" The kids were all really good in the museum. We didn't destroy any art so I call that a success.
The kids after we were done swimming.
 The art museum is close to the Northwestern Mutual Home Office and they were running a shuttle all day if we had our name badges so we caught that back to the mall instead of walking. Once there, we ate lunch and then changed into our swim gear and headed over to the Hilton where there is a very cool indoor water park that we hadn't ever done before either. There was lots of shallow water so Caelyn and Carter felt confident enough to run around without floaties and go down some slides. Once we got changed we went to go pick up Jason from his meetings. Caelyn and Carissa were both asleep before we even got out of the Hilton.

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