Friday, August 3, 2012

NMFN Annual Meeting

Last week we made our treck to Milwaukee for Nothwestern Mutual's Annual Meeting. We always start out checking in first and letting the kids run around the information stands inside. This stand had info on being politically involved and there was a cardboard pic of Obama and Romney. This is who the kids wanted to get their picture taken with ;).

We also had to take a look around for the quiet bear. Charly wanted her picture taken with him but Caelyn and Carter were crouched down behind me and Carissa was mostly just curious.

There is an Elephant behind him but it's dark.

You  don't think that Jason enjoyed doing that do you?

The kids' favorite part of Annual Meeting is getting to go to the Garden Party at the Milwaukee Zoo. It is not a huge zoo but we have a lot of fun. They put up inflatables, we go through the zoo, there are huge tents set up with live music and different kinds of food and there are lots of games set up for the kids. Everything you walk by like the popcorn and ice cream stands are all free. Our favorite foods are always the ribs, mozarella sticks, grilled corn and lemonade.
There is a race at on the first official day of the festivies. They call it Roots and Wings because it is a race between the home office and all of the district offices. This was the 35th year they've done it and Root won, darn it. It is huge though. 7,500 runners all taking over downtown Milwaukee. Jason ran the 10K and my sister Kiera ran the 5K but the rest of us just did the 1 mile walk.

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